Episode 4, "Like a New World," includes some life-changing moments for Roger as he finally achieves one of his goals of bringing local youth to a golf course for the first time ever. He also learns of some very significant news from the PGA of America that will hopefully set him up to achieve his long-term goals and dreams.

This four-part series follows the 27-year-old Ugandan Roger Sali and the incredible work he's doing in his home country to grow the game of golf. The sport has changed Roger's life and he believes that it can also change the lives of many others in Uganda with the proper exposure and access to the equipment needed to play.

Roger started caddying a few years ago when his father passed away and he needed to support his family. He fell in love with golf and quickly became a low-handicap player. On his one day off every week, using his own resources, he goes into local schools and communities and teaches kids the game. Roger's personal goal is to continue to grow and learn as a teacher and become better equipped to teach kids.